Weylynn Coteau (ウェーリン・コトー Wērin Kotō?) is a Saint of Salt, who acts as Mora's regent in regards to matters with the handling of saints during the time of preparing for the Evil God's awakening and during the Brave's journey into the Wailing Demon Territory.

Apearance[edit | edit source]

Weylynn has light brown skin and long black hair. She is also lean and muscular.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Weylynn is passionate, something that is a double-edged sword as she is both quick to anger and yet also prone to deep kindness. Weylynn's passion also makes her a very loyal and an able and compassionate confidant to Mora whom she calls "Boss", Weylynn was one of the few people trusted by Mora during her time in turmoil over being blackmailed by the Kyouma Commander.

Weylynn's anger can, however, also cause her to act (or at least suggest) rash actions and take her emotions out on what is nearby. Case in point when she learned that Mora's daughter had been taken hostage Weylynn smashed the table that she and Mora were sitting at into salt. During stints of anger her rational is clouded as she suggested that she and Mora try to hunt down Tgurneu themselves regardless of the heavy risks that venturing into the Wailing Demon Territory unprepared would bring and her ability only being able to grant them two days time at the most.

Nevertheless, Weylynn's passionate nature does not cloud her better judgment: she is good at organizing people and has the necessary leadership qualifications to be trusted with handling all matters regarding other saints and effectively help Ganna run All Heaven's Temple while Mora was too busy training to prepare. She also demonstrated an insightful side to her by being able to analyze Rolonia Manchetta's specific strengths towards healing and gave her the unique training of pumping herself up in order to fight, something that the Saint of Fresh Blood needed in order to defeat kyouma aggressively.

Weylynn is also implied to be able to coping under pressure and going through with difficult decisions when the need arises. She was avidly against the idea of killing a Brave even for Shenilla whom she was quite fond of. This trait was also exploited by Tgurneu who forged Mora's handwriting to order her to kill Shenilla if the mark reappeared on her body; indeed Mora had no doubts that Weylynn would kill Shenilla mercifully rather than allow the child to live as a Kyouma.

Weylynn is no stranger to alcohol in times of celebration and seems to be drinking buddies with Marmanna Keynes, the Saint of Words as she desired to drink with her specifically after the parasyte within Shenilla died, despite Marmanna proclaiming it to be premature. Weylynn justified it as being an advanced celebration showing a liking to partying or at least a desire for some excuse for good news in the midst of a time of lack of information with the possibility of calamity over the horizon.

History[edit | edit source]

Preparing for the Evil God's Awakening[edit | edit source]

Weylynn is summoned by Mora and is informed of Shenilla's hostage situation, Weylynn a passionate woman who is very fond of Shenilla smashes the table turning it into salt in anger and suggests that the two of them gather a few more saints and try to take down Tgurneu themselves however Mora reminds her that the Saint of Salt powers could buy them two days at most, not enough to find an enemy who could dwell anywhere in such a large landmass which would be impossible to get to and throw such a measly amount of time.

Over the next few years Weylynn and Mora's husband Ganna took over many of Mora responsibilities while she prepared for the battle with the Majin, Weylynn took over the responsibilities of handling Saint matters while Ganna looked after the Temple's affairs.

While Mora was preparing for her battle with Tgurneu she also brought in the newly appointed Saint of Fresh Blood Rolonia Manchetta to be trained at the temple and be well versed in various fields and practices. Though Weylynn thought that Rolonia would be better suited to being a traveling healer like Toulo Maynes she eventually concocted a way to help Rolonia get over her anxiety and shyness in a fight by pumping herself up with words to prepare for combat. This idea came to fruition as it greatly helped Rolonia to improve and eventually be chosen as a Brave.

Shenilla's Recovery[edit | edit source]

At all heaven's Temple Shenilla complains of a pain in her chest to her father and Weylynn is amongst those who gather to await the news of her treatment. She is amongst the large and boisterous celebration that soon follows and invites Marmanna Keynes to drink with her from her "secret Stash" to celebrate but Marmanna refutes that the celebration is premature, as the evil god had not yet been defeated and that there was still the possibility that Mora had turned to killing one of the braves instead. Weylynn responded by asserting her faith in Mora's training and that she had defeated the Fiend Commander responsible for Shenilla's near death.

Because of lack of knowledge in what was happening in the Wailing Demon Territory Weylynn toasted to whom she thought were the Braves: Mora, Rolonia, Chamo, Nashetania, Goldolf and paused before she remembered the name of Adlet Mayer whom she believed to be a "cowardly warrior" according to the rumors surrounding him.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Weylynn can turn anything she hits into salt. The salt she makes can neutralize poisons and ward off Kyouma.

Though it is not yet shown Weylynn is confident in her powers of a fighter suggesting that she team up with Mora Chester in order to do battle with Tgurneu.

The Saints of Salt are able to temporarily dispel the adverse effects of the Wailing Demon Territory on Humans to enable brief trips into the Kyouma's territory however such things would last at most two days as estimated by Mora, not nearly enough time to kill a Fiend who would be freely able to hide in any reach of the Territory at his leisure.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Mora[edit | edit source]

Weylynn acts more or less as Mora's second in command at All Heaven's Temple, and during

Weylynn and Mora seem to be close emotionally as well, Mora was quick to bring Weylynn up to speed in regards the situation that she was going through being blackmailed by a Kyouma into killing a Brave and has known her family to be close to Shenilla.

However, Weylynn knew where her priorities lay and was against the very concept of Mora even considering killing a brave even if it was for Shenilla and she was never afraid to stand up to Mora's peculiar investment in training Rolonia Manchetta to be a warrior when her talents would lend her best to being a traveling healer.

After Shenilla's parasyte died Weylynn assumed that Mora had defeated Tgurneu and proclaimed her confidence in the Saint of Mountain's abilities to defeat the Majin.

Other Saints[edit | edit source]

Weylynn and Marmanna Keynes seem to be drinking buddies as Weylynn offered Marmanna a drink from her "secret stash" after Shenilla was cured despite Marmanna noting it to be early for celebration, which Weylynn brushed off in favor of wanting a reason to celebrate.

Rolonia is another matter however as Weylynn was questioning towards Mora's peculiar desire to train up the saint into someone able to become a Brave when her talents were more aligned towards healing. Nevertheless, she did relent and help Rolonia develop a psychological training program to fight the Kyouma.

It is unknown if Weylynn ever met Nashetania personally, but she does refer to her as Princess, implying that she knew her at least from reputation. It is more likely that she knew Chamo Rosso personally as after Mora went into training the duties of handling the saints fell to her and as Chamo is currently one of the Braves Weylynn cheers for there victory from All Heaven's Temple.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the official translation of the Rokka no Yuusha light novels by Jennifer Ward, Weylynn's name is romanized as Willone.

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