The Wailing Demon Territory (魔哭領 Makoku-ryō?, also called the Balca Peninsula) is the area where the Kyouma and the Majin are located. The land here is poisoned by the Majin, killing any human who touches it, and giving the ground a reddish color. Braves are immune to the poison since they are protected by the Goddess of Fate's blessing.

History[edit | edit source]

Fremy reveals that there are humans who don't have the crest living in the land. They are being used as slaves by Tgurneu and have special parasites in their bodies protecting them from the poison.

Known Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Land of Fallen Tears: The place where the Majin is located. The sacred battle for the sake of humanity is destined to happen here.
  • Valley of Spilled Blood: Known as "Spilled Blood" because when the Saint of the Single Flower fought the Majin before, she had been so fatigued that she had vomited blood in the valley.
  • The Eternal Flower: A small mountain where a single sacred flower blossomed. The flower's powers prevent the Kyoumas from entering the mountain, making it a safe zone inside the Wailing Demon Territory.
  • Plain of Cropped Ears: Located in the center of the Wailing Demon Territory. It got this name because while fighting against the Kyoumas, the Saint of the Single Flower lost one of her ears. It is where Tgurneu take humans and force them to become his slaves.
  • Forest of Severed Fingers: Comprised about two-fifths of the vast territory of the Wailing Demon Territory, and its name came from when the Saint of the Single Flower was attacked in the forest and lost a finger on her left hand.
  • Cargikk's Canyon: A giant valley excavated by Cargikk's followers. The valley split the Wailing Demon Territory into two halves. In order to reach the Land of Fallen Tears and fight the Majin one would have to cross this valley.
  • Lava Belt: Located at the edge of the Forest of Severed Fingers. Its ground is barren and covered with rugged rocks with several geysers in the area. Known as "Lava Belt" because several dozen meters below the surface, there was an underground water current heated by magma.
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