Saint (聖者 Seija?) is a human who has gained supernatural abilities from the Gods. There are 78 known kinds of Saints in the world and all have been female. Because of the powers they gain, most of the Braves are also Saints. The first, and more powerful, known saint is the Saint of the Single Flower.


Each God has a unique power which the Saints can use. This power can be transferred to someone else when a Saint no longer wants their power; usually when they are old. A ceremony is held and the Gods select the new successor. A person is automatically picked to inherit the power when a Saint dies. Each Saint has their own Temple, which is supervised by the All Heavens Temple.

Known SaintsEdit

From the First Generation of BravesEdit

Members Saint Type Status
Pulka Fire Deceased
Sunimur Ice Deceased
Emin Sun Deceased

From the Second Generation of BravesEdit

Members Saint Type Status
Marie Blade Unknown
Hayuha Pressio Time Deceased
Melania Lightning Unknown
Roey Wind Deceased
Mahnyakam Salt Unknown

From the Third Generation of BravesEdit

Members Saint Type Status
Nashetania Blade Alive
Fremy Speeddraw Gunpowder Alive
Mora Chester Mountain Alive
Chamo Rosso Swamp Alive
Rolonia Manchetta Fresh Blood Alive

Other Saints Edit

Members Saint Type Status
Asurei Yara Ice Deceased
Leura Sun Deceased
Uspa Mist Alive
Adorea Illusions Unknown
Weylynn Coteau Salt Alive
Toulo Maynes Medicine Alive
Lenelle Fire Alive
Marmanna Keynes Words Alive
Pippy Light Unknown
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