Rolonia Manchetta (ロロニア・マンチェッタ Roronia Manchetta?) is the Saint of Fresh Blood and one of the Six Braves.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Rolonia is a short girl wearing heavy cow-themed armor and glasses.

History[edit | edit source]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Rolonia was born in Lindo, a small country on the eastern outskirts of the continent. Most of its population live their lives on raising cows, and her parents were no exception. Rolonia's job was to blow the whistle to prevent the cows from straying from the herd. She lived a happy life, but when she was about seven years old, bandits attacked her hometown and both her parents got killed. Now as an orphan, a businessman from a neighboring country, called a "benevolent person" for raising children who did not have any family of his own, adopted her. However it was just a mask for his real plans. The children were forced to work for him and never received anything back. They were all used as slaves. The kids found an outlet for their dissatisfaction and that was Rolonia. Every time she made a mistake, the children would beat and ridicule her, saying that everything wrong that was going on was her fault. She always believed in what they said and never fought back. One day a robbery took place at the farm. It was actually all planned by the leader of the children but all of the blame was placed on Rolonia. She even believed it was her fault and was expelled from the farm.

Being Chosen[edit | edit source]

As she lived on the streets, each time she found a place to work and asked to be employed, she was refused again and again. Then one day when she was walking through one town, she saw that a well-dressed girl's shoes were dirty. She asked the girl if she could polish her shoes with her own clothes. The mean girl then employed Rolonia at the Fresh Blood Temple as a simple maid. And as the time passed, a new Saint of Fresh Blood was selected, and to everyone's surprise Rolonia was the chosen one.

Fresh Blood Temple[edit | edit source]

Rolonia was a simple servant at the Fresh Blood temple serving the previous Saint of Fresh Blood and the nuns at the temple. After the previous Saint of Fresh Blood retired Rolonia was chosen as the next Saint.

With Mora[edit | edit source]

When the previous Saint of Fresh Blood retired and Rolonia was chosen as the next Saint, Mora was sent to the Fresh Blood Temple to meet with her. In the same instant Mora laid her eyes on Rolonia she saw an incredible potential, and figured out that she was the person that she needed. So, alongside with Weylynn the Saint of Salt, Toulo the Saint of Medicine and many other powerful warriors and Saints, Mora trained and raised Rolonia for only one purpose: help her on killing one of the Six Braves.

Training with Atro[edit | edit source]

During Rolonia's training she was sent, by Mora, to train with Atro Spiker, the man who knew everything about the Kyoumas, to learn about their weaknesses and behaviors. That's where she met Adlet.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Rolonia has a timid personality and is used to be blamed for her mistakes, so she apologizes constantly. She is very good-nature and likes to be able to help others no matter what.

Because her real personality is not suit for a warrior, Weylynn taught her to develop a blood-thirsty personality so she starts cursing at her enemies in order to fight properly.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Rolonia has the ability to control blood. This power can be used to quickly heal a person by improving the natural healing properties of blood, or to obtain information of their body by tasting their blood (species, age, abilities, health, etc.).

She is also able to control objects that have been covered in her blood, like the whip she uses to fight. This allows her to control the whip's movements. This whip can also suck the blood out of an opponent if it touches their skin, meaning a single hit is enough to defeat a human opponent.

She was also able to use her blood ability to resurrect a dead person by cleaning the spilled blood and forcing it back into his body, however she is unable to heal more serious injuries like broken bones.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Adlet[edit | edit source]

Rolonia met Adlet during her training with Atro Spiker. At first she was scared of him, but after seeing him get injured she decided to heal him and they started talking about their pasts. Seeing Adlet work so hard to become strong even though he didn't have any talent made her also want to work harder, and hearing about how Kyouma destroyed his village also gave her a reason to want to fight them.

They became much closer and she started calling him Ad-kun. Rolonia eventually fell in love with Adlet, but she considers it impossible for him to fall in love with her, so she just makes her best to always support him and make him happy. It was with her help that Adlet could defeat Atro Spiker and fulfill his training.

Mora[edit | edit source]

Rolonia and Mora met shortly after she was chosen as the Saint of Fresh Blood, and despite her personality, Mora was sure Rolonia was skilled after seeing she was able to use her Saint powers before even undergoing special training. Mora then dedicated to train Rolonia in both fighting and healing techniques, arranging for her to meet many masters including Atro Spiker and Toulo, and never losing faith in her.

Rolonia seems to trust and care deeply for Mora as well as her family, and even after discovering that she was used by Mora in her plan to save her daughter, she says she doesn't mind since she understands her reasons.

Fremy[edit | edit source]

At their first meeting, Fremy was suspicious of Rolonia and she was scared of Fremy for many reasons, including her half Kyouma origins, her Six Flower Killer title (one of her victims was a friend of Rolonia's) as well as her seemingly cold and distrusting personality. However, after some time Rolonia realizes Fremy is actually a good person deep inside, as shown in how she cares about Adlet, and they form a strange friendship, Mora commenting that Fremy seems to be the timid one among them.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is the first Saint known for bringing someone back to life.
  • Her armor design was chosen by herself. She likes cows and thinks they are amazing because she was born in a farm, always watching them.The design will receive heavy criticism from her peers.

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