Piena's capital

The Kingdom of Piena (ピエナ王国 Piena Ōkoku?) is a prosperous country located at the middle of the continent.


It is the biggest country on the continent, and when it comes to its size, population, military power, wealth, and everything else, no other countries are superior. The royal family’s influence resounds throughout the continent. In reality, it could be said, that they not only rule their territory but the entire continent.[1]


Piena's royal capital would hold a fighting tournament before the gods, an event they would hold once a year.

As the biggest country in the world, the scope of the tournament they hold was also the largest in the world. The participants are diverse: from Piena’s knights and infantrymen of honor to representatives from the surrounding countries and well-known mercenaries. Saints also come, claiming to have been bestowed with the power of the gods. Free warriors and people who boast about their power in the city streets also participate.

The doors are open to all humans and the number of tournament participants exceeds 1500.[2]


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