Nia Grasta (ニア・グラスタ Nia Gurasuta?) was the woman responsible for stealing the powers of the Saint of the Single Flower, under the orders of Tgurneu. She also created the Black Barren Flower.

History[edit | edit source]

Temple of Illusion[edit | edit source]

In the past, she had served at the Temple of Illusions as one of the female acolytes aiming to become a Saint. She had been an excellent acolyte. She worked very hard for the temple and relentlessly studied the sacred texts and the ways to control the powers of a Saint. But she wasn’t chosen to become a Saint. However, she was instead entrusted with the control and management of the land owned by the Temple and helped with the temple’s operation.

Then in her mid-50s she had been informed by Toulo, the Saint of Medicine, that she had become afflicted by an incurable illness. One night, Nia awoke to see Tgurneu standing beside her bed. He proposed to extend her life with Kyoma powers and in exchange he asked her to come with him to the Wailing Demon Territory. Nia did as Tgurneu suggested in order to survive.

The Corpse Soldiers[edit | edit source]

Some years later, Raina Milan met with her when he was escaping from the Wailing Demon Territory and she revealed the truth about Tgurneu and the Black Barren Flower. Before dying she gave him the power of the Saint, which helped him not to lose his consciousness when he became one of the Corpse Soldiers.

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