Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra (ナッシェタニア・ルーイ・ピエナ・アウグストラ Nasshetania Rūi Piena Augusutora?, called Nachetanya in the anime) is the first princess of Piena[2] and the Saint of Blades.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Nashetania's battle armor

In battle, she wears white armor with a headgear featuring two fake rabbit ears, and wields a rapier with a jewel mounted on the grip. When Nashetania first visited Adlet in the prison she wore a maid's outfit. In the Wailing Demon Territory she wears a black rabbit themed armor. As of volume 3, she is missing her left arm.

Personality [edit | edit source]

Nashetania is initially portrayed as a wild and free young girl[3], as well as a proper princess full of dignity. She is also a bit of a mischievous trickster[3], who enjoys teasing those close to her, such as Adlet. When it comes to her friends, she puts absolute faith in them, and supports them to the point of tears.

However, it is shown in the Illusion Fog Barrier Arc that all of that is a facade. Upon being discovered as the Seventh Flower by Adlet's investigation, Nashetania sheds the teary-eyed hopeful act, and instead shows the personality of a cruel mastermind.

Upon reflecting her actions during this arc and the revelation, it becomes apparent that she is very manipulative, adapting herself to others in order to easily deceive them and to incite them into doing what she wants. She is also very sadistic, as her thoughts towards the end of the arc reveals that she had hoped not only to kill Adlet, but another Flower - and was worried that her smiling face would give her away.

Despite this, it is also possible that Nashetania is merely delusional and naive, as she believes that Kyouma and humans can exist together peacefully - albeit with the sacrifice of half a million humans - like a child who can't understand right from wrong.

History[edit | edit source]

Piena Civil War Arc[edit | edit source]

A few years before the Majin awakened. The royal of Piena went mad accusing those among the kingdom to be followers of the demon god, who were after him. He even accused Nashetania of being one of them.

Gathering of the Braves Arc[edit | edit source]

A mysterious man named Adlet Mayer, proclaiming himself to be the strongest in the world, interrupted Piena's semifinals of the Holy Tournament between two warriors. After incapacitating both warriors and the royal guards, he is thrown into jail. Impressed by his fight, Nashetania sneaked inside, disguised as a maid, to meet Adlet.

She asked him about his fighting style, philosophy, and his goal: to become one of the Braves of the Six Flowers. He says that he believes he will become a Brave, one of the six chosen warriors to fight the Majin, and he wishes to fight alongside Princess Nashetania (not knowing the true identity of the maid), if she were to be chosen as a Brave. After being moved to his prison cell, he was chosen as a Brave during one night. Soon after, Nashetania arrived, revealed to be the Princess much to Adlet's surprise, and rescued him from his cell.

She showed him her own Crest - just below her collarbone on her chest. Nashetania freed him at the expense of her own soldiers, trapping them in the same pit they had thrown Adlet in. With that, both of them fled Piena on horseback and towards the Wailing Demon Territory to meet the other Braves and defeat the Majin.

Illusion Fog Barrier Arc[edit | edit source]


Abilities[edit | edit source]

Nashetania became the Saint of Blades three years before the beginning of the series which allows her to create multiple blades wherever she wants with her rapier. She can use them offensively as projectiles, or raise them from the ground to impale her opponents.

She can also use the blades defensively by forming a shield around her. Nashetania is one of the most promising battle-oriented Saints and as such, she has received training regularly from Mora after inheriting her power.

Nashetania also has several abilities gained from being fused with Kyouma. She has a concealing ability and rapid self-healing. She also produced a Sacred Instrument, a Blade Gem, an ability that she kept hidden from the other Saints.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Dozzu[edit | edit source]

She and Dozzu are companions who want to create a peaceful world between Kyouma and humans. They claim that one would never betray the other, as shown when Nashetania is taken hostage by Tgurneu and Dozzu follows his orders to protect her.

Goldof[edit | edit source]

Nashetania knows of Goldof's feelings for her, but doesn't seem to especially care about them. However, she completely trusts Goldof when it comes to protecting and saving her. She has an extremely high opinion of Goldof's fighting abilities, and believes that he can rescue her no matter how many of enemies stand in his way. That being said, once she determined where his true loyalties lied (with the Braves), she abandoned him and cast him away.

Adlet[edit | edit source]

She thinks of Adlet as a friendly, trustworthy companion. He is also the first of the heroes she meets. She is impressed by his fighting style and his courage. that is until she is found out to be the fake brave, at which time she reveals that she saw Adlet as an easy person to manipulate and is genuinely surprised that he was the one to uncover her plot.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nashetania is the second known Saint of Blades with the first being Mahri.
  • She had her left arm cut off by Tgurneu.
  • Nashetania birthday is on 24 September.

References[edit | edit source]

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