Mora Chester (モーラ・チェスター Mōra Chesutā?, called Maura in the anime) is the Saint of Mountains[1] and is one of the Six Braves. As the head of the All Heavens Temple, she serves as the leader of the Saints.[2]

Appearance[edit | edit source]


She is a woman with a tall figure, with long black hair floating freely in her back. She wears a blue priest garment and her arms are clad in two huge armored iron gauntlets, which function both as protection and as blunt weapons.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mora is an extremely serious and intellectual woman.[3] Her calm and composed attitude, as well as her natural authority, makes for a natural choice as the leader of the heroes of the six flowers, although she is later willingly replaced by Adlet.

She has trouble admitting when she is wrong, as she stated after they found Leura's body that it was simply something Adlet had set up beforehand, even though by that point it was obvious Adlet was not the seventh. She once stated she would do anything to win and applied some deplorable tactics while trapped in the Illusion Fog Barrier to find the Seventh. Once she determined Adlet was the Seventh she went to extreme lengths, even broadcasting an announcement that Adlet had critically injured Hans in order to goad Nashetania into acting, despite Hans being uninjured.

History[edit | edit source]

Mora was born as the youngest daughter of a wealthy wood merchant. She was dearly loved by both her family and her servants. Because her father was deeply involved with the Temple of Mountain which is the protector of merchants, Mora became a nun in that temple when she was 13 years old. Because of her diligent personality as well as her good results in studies, she was an outstanding member of the temple. When she was 19, the previous Saint of Mountain retired, and the holy ceremony held afterward designated her as the new Saint. During the next three years, she greatly developed her powers, until she became one of the five strongest Saints alive. During those years, she showed great talent in administrating the temple as well.

When Mora was 26, the previous head of the All Heavens Temple, the Saint of Sun, retired, and Mora took over her place. For ten years, her strict, righteous and devoted management made her very respected, and many people considered themselves lucky to have such a capable person as the head of the Saints during a critical period like a new awakening of the Majin.

Three years ago, she became really frantic in her efforts to train in order to properly face the imminent awakening of the Majin, and started to heavily train herself several other battle oriented Saints like the Saint of Blade, Nashetania; the Saint of Salt, Weylynn; the Saint of Fire, Lenelle; as well as two years and a half before the awakening, the newly appointed Saint of Fresh Blood, Rolonia.

The Gathering of the Braves Arc[edit | edit source]

Mora and Chamo manages to get to their destination and meet Hans Humpty in the process.

Illusion Fog Barrier Arc[edit | edit source]

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 The Traitor Is Revealed[edit | edit source]

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Meeting Rolonia[edit | edit source]

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Eternal Flower Mountain Arc[edit | edit source]

Goldof 's Quest Arc[edit | edit source]

Corpe Soldiers Forest Arc[edit | edit source]

Temple Of Fate Arc[edit | edit source]

Tguneu 's True Strategy Arc [edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Mora's power of the Mountain is very versatile and is composed of several different powers. Some of them can only be used if she is on a mountain.

Enhanced Strength: Mora can greatly increase her strength.

Long Range Communication: Mora can make her voice resonate clearly to people far away.

Enhanced Vision: If Mora is on a mountain she can use her power to gain vision of any location on the mountain.

Healing: Mora can heal injuries, though not as good as Rolonia or Toulo.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ganna and Shenilla[edit | edit source]

Mora's main source of happiness comes from her husband Ganna as well as her young daughter Shenilla. When she's with her daughter, she becomes like a different person, as the strict and full of dignity chief of the Saints suddenly becomes just your everyday doting parent.

Chamo[edit | edit source]

Mora is one of the few people whom Chamo listens to.

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References[edit | edit source]

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