The 6th volume in the Rokka no Yuusha light novel series.


The Braves of the Six Flowers were divided in the Temple of Fate, and Tgurneu's main forces start to reach closer. The Braves draw a strategy centered in Adlet, but in order to overcome the difficult situation with their forces reduced, they have no choice but to take the high-risk strategy.

Meanwhile, Tgurneu, together with his Kyouma army, come launch a psychological attack that utilizes the power of "love". And the Braves engage in a mortal battle in a total disadvantage situation, where even Tgurneu showed up personally.

And so, the "seventh" finally came to light!

Pledging to save the world, what is the truth behind the boy who risked his life for revenge!?

Fighting the mystery, challenging the legends, this overwhelming fantasy reaches its sixth volume!


  • Prologue: Avengers
  • Chapter 1: The Plan
  • Chapter 2: Hostage
  • Chapter 3: The Hush of Hans Humpty
  • Chapter 4: The Face of Those who Suffer in Love
  • Chapter 5: Resistance
  • Chapter 6: The Ending of the Love
  • Epilogue: The Unleashed Ones