The 1st Volume in the Rokka no Yuusha light novel series.

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When the "Majin" awakes from the depths of darkness, the "Goddess of Fate" will choose six warriors and bestow them with the power to save the world. Somewhere on their bodies, a crest in the shape of a flower appears, and as a result, these warriors are called "The Braves of the Six Flowers."

As the day of the Majin's revival reaches near, Adlet, a boy who calls himself "the strongest man in the world", is chosen as one of the "Six Flowers". But, when the Braves arrived at their designated location, they found that there were seven chosen. Which meant that one of them was an impostor and an enemy.

Confused by the impossible situation, suspicion and paranoia spread among the chosen. And that suspicion at first falls over Adlet.

Fighting the mystery, challenging the legends, this overwhelming fantasy begins!

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