Don't pray to the flower is the 1st volume in the Rokka no Yuusha spin-off series.


When the Majin awakes, the Braves of the Six Flowers are chosen to save the world. Only those who have high combat skills and special abilities, such as those who have excellent training as a saint receive the Crest as a signal of approval. But even before they become the Braves of the Six Flowers their "everyday" aren't all that peaceful……

The enigmatic killer "profession" of Hans. The daily life of Mora and Chamo in the All Heavens Temple. The youth of Goldof pledged to be the eternal bodyguard and lover of Nashetania. The mind of Fremy living as a Kyouma. Such as the dream of the young Adlet - is there a surprising other side…? And, who on earth is the Saint of the Single Flower!?

Short stories depicting the habits of the Braves of the Six Flowers. A "before-be-Brave"!


  • Spy and Cat
    Hans Humpty Section
  • The Mouse is Looking
    Mora Chester Section
    Rolonia Manchetta Section
    Chamo Rosso Section
  • Daily Intrigue and Love
    Goldof Auora Section
  • The Kyoma Child
    Fremy Speeddraw Section
  • Copper Coin
    Saint of the Single Flower Section