Hayuha Pressio (ハユハ・プレッシオ Hayuha Puresshio?) was a Saint of Time and a Brave from the second generation. She was considered to be the strongest Brave to have fought the Majin.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

When Hans asked whether Hayuha was beautiful or not he said in terms of human standards she wasn't exactly any kind of beauty but not ugly either.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hayuha can be said to be an eccentric woman whose personality was intolerable to even her own companion. She thrives on excitement to the point of drinking with the Kyouma's and fighting with the Majin as playing. Over the years she has lost her ability to associate or relate to humans and finds the idea of the destruction of mankind to be fun. Eventually she meets with the three Kyouma leaders while they were friends to find out who the Majin is. She finds no meaning unless there is excitement and does not flinch even in the face of death due to thinking people will not miss her. She is heavy drinker who drinks and drinks even after vomiting from drinking. Before her death she trusted Dozzu's idea of a new world with a new Majin that she entrusted her Brave Crest to him before dying.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Hayuha's ability is to manipulate and control time of those she touches. She was also able to create a Sacred Instrument.

Time Manipulation: Hayuha can speed up or slow down a person or Kyouma she touches.

Retrocognition: Hayuha had the rare talent to see into the past, an ability none of the other Saints of Time had. Its limit, however, is that she could only see the past of the place she was in and she had to move from place to place to search for specific events to view them through her power.

History[edit | edit source]

Hayuha was said to be a crucial Brave who was said to have contributed much in the defeat of the Majin in the second battle.

After defeating the Majin she journeyed to the Wailing Demon Territory where she would meet and befriend three Kyouma's: Cargikk, Dozzu, and Tgurneu. After telling them of how she was bored and thought to find out just what the Majin is the three went on a journey to look for the answers to their questions. Using Hayuha's ability of Retro-cognition she looked into areas where the Majin and the Saint of the Single Flower fought with the Kyouma's leading her to places of where they battle. Their search yielded the truth of the Majin and eventually this revelation broke the three Kyouma's friendship who would later become enemies. Before her death she entrusted her Brave Crest to Dozzu for the dream of a world with a new Majin where humans and Kyouma live together. This same crest is the one Nashetania would receive from Dozzu in order to infiltrate the Braves of the Six Flowers and deceive them with in the present time. After she died, Tgurneu stole her Sacred Instrument and proceeded his search for the power of the Saint of the Six Flowers. It is thanks to this that Tgurneu was able to locate the Saint of Single Flower where she sealed herself and further on how to break the barrier on her corpse to steal her power to do his bidding.

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