Fremy Speeddraw (フレミー・スピッドロウ Furemī Supiddorō?, called Flamie in the anime) is the Saint of Gunpowder[2] and is one of the Six Braves.

Appearance Edit


Fremy has the appearance of a magical frail girl with white skin and light white hair, an eye patch covering her right eye, a leather cape as well as leather clothes, and a black cloth with a blue and pink flower covering her forehead. Her left eye is almost transparent blue and her glare is cold and distrustful. Her eye patch is there to hide the unnatural color of her right eye, and the cloth hides the scar left by the broken horn on her forehead.

History Edit

Fremy Vol 5 cover

Fremy when she was young and still had her horn.

Childhood Edit

Fremy was born when the Kyouma commander Tgurneu ordered one of his minions, Dark Specialist Number 6, to evolve in order to be able to copulate with a human and give birth to a half Kyouma - half human hybrid. Fremy never knew her human father as he was killed after her Kyouma mother became pregnant.

She was raised by her Kyouma mother as well as three other intelligent Kyouma: Dark Specialist Number 30, who was ordered by Tgurneu to raise her to be strong and to eventually hate Kyouma, and two of his subordinates, an ant and a bird Kyouma. Fremy was happy with them, and they considered her an overly lively and noisy girl as she was always laughing.

When she was three, Fremy was shown to the other Kyouma so that she would fear them, and when she was seven, her family Kyouma were attacked by other Kyouma for protecting her from doing the normal works human did in the Wailing Demon Territory so that she would learn to be angry at them. After that she didn't smile again, though she loved her family dearly and was willing to do anything for them, so she began training to become strong. After human slaves were made to build the Temple of Gunpowder, she became the Saint of Gunpowder at age 12, and started working hard to be recognized as a real Kyouma for her family's sake.

Under the Kyouma's orders, Fremy went to the human world and managed to assassinate several really powerful and well known warriors and Saints, and the rumors about the "Six Flowers Killer" started to spread quickly. However, she finally faced a problem a few months before the Majin's awakening against Chamo. Chamo's tremendous power not only protected her from Fremy's bullets, but almost killed Fremy who barely managed to escape alive from Chamo's wrath afterward, and lost her accompanying Kyouma in the process. Because she was unable to accomplish her most important mission, she was deemed useless by her mother and the other Kyouma who then tried to kill her, so Fremy ended up killing the ant and the bird Kyouma defending herself.

Feeling betrayed by her own world as well as everything she loved, she cut her horn off as a sign that she cut her ties with the Kyouma and then gained the strong resolution of killing the Majin, since that would mean ruining the mission of the Kyouma that raised her, and then plans on dying since she's sure she will not be accepted in by Kyoumas nor humans. Eventually Fremy received one of the heroes of six flower's mark. Since she knew that she would be killed if she were to encounter Chamo or anyone else knowing her past as the Six flowers killer, she first tried to reach the Kyouma territory without encountering the other heroes. She's convinced by Adlet to do otherwise or renounce her wish to kill the Majin alone.

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Personality Edit

Fremy initially comes off as a girl whose cool indifference will not allow other people to get close to her.[3] She has trouble trusting people because of the horrible betrayal she suffered in the past, and is scared of being hurt again. Deep inside, however, there are still glimpses of her original personality, a very kind and caring girl, which is mostly shown in her interactions with Adlet.

Mora and Rolonia also realize that she is actually very timid and is unsure of how to properly interact with other people, as she was raised by Kyouma who think and behave in a very different way.

While Fremy is very intelligent and good at analyzing situations and people, she lacks a lot of common knowledge from the human world due to her origins. Some examples of this are her not knowing the meaning of a white flag, the fact that humans give names to their pets, as well as undressing in front of Adlet and not understanding why he was flustered.

Abilities Edit

As the Saint of Gunpowder, Fremy uses guns and bullets in battle.[2] Her unique curse allowed her to receive from the Majin a type of power that no one ever received before her, as "Gunpowder" isn't among the 78 officially known types of Saints. As such, she is also the only Saint who is not under the supervision of Mora. Her power allows her to freely create explosives during battles, and greatly increases the damage caused by her gun's bullets. In the world, guns are not powerful enough to injure a kyouma, but in Fremy's case, she can easily kill most of the kyouma as well as most armored humans in a single shot.

Her gun has several weaknesses though. It must be reloaded after every shot, which leaves her vulnerable in close combat or when surrounded by multiple opponents. Adlet was also able to overcome her gun by getting close enough to duck underneath the gun's long barrel and take her bullets, again revealing her weakness in close combat. She also runs of the risk of being stranded without anything to use as ammo as guns need bullets to work. Her foster father also noted she would never have the might of a Brave without the will that supported her.

Relationships Edit


When she met Adlet, Fremy was cautious since she knew he would most likely want to kill her if he knew the truth about her past. He however managed to bring her along to meet the rest of the Six Flowers, and always protected and defended her from the others and even confessed to her, though she still was wary to trust him because of the betrayal she suffered in the past. After he proves her innocence so she won't be killed even if he dies, she finally decides to trust and protect him, telling Adlet she hates him for making her want to live.

After the Illusion Fog is cleared, Adlet is the only person that Fremy trusts, and she starts caring deeply for him. Because of this they often clash, as Adlet wants to trust and help others and is willing to risk himself if necessary, while Fremy suspects everyone other than them and suffers whenever Adlet is hurt or in danger, and she herself feels very hurt when he ignores her concern. Mora once asks Fremy if she loves Adlet, and she answers that she only gets unpleasant feelings like worry and anger so she does not understand why people enjoy that sort of feeling.


Fremy has been afraid of Chamo ever since their first encounter, Fremy was about to assassinate Chamo, but failed because Chamo's pets took the shot for her, which led to her run away from Chamo. Fremy also revealed her name to Chamo due to Chamo's taunting.

Tgurneu Edit

Despite the Kyouma's betrayal, Fremy is still respectful and fearful of him, as he is the smartest of the three head Kyouma. He is also the one who thought up of Fremy's conception, and trained her to kill the Six Flowers of the Brave. She no longer has the same allegiance towards him, however, and is just as determined to kill him as the rest of the Braves, although she is wary and cautious when it comes to confronting him.


At their first meeting, Fremy was suspicious of Rolonia and apparently jealous of her relationship with Adlet, while Rolonia was scared of Fremy for many reasons. After Rolonia realizes Fremy is actually a good person, they eventually get used to each other and she seems to be the only brave other than Adlet that Fremy can tolerate. She even asks Rolonia to protect Adlet for her when they are separated.

Kyouma FamilyEdit

During her childhood, four Kyouma took care of Fremy - her mother Number 6, Number 30, Red Ant and Piercing Bird. Fremy considered them her family, and even though they were very strict, she loved them deeply and was willing to do anything for their well-being. After their betrayal, Fremy was attacked by Red Ant and Piercing Bird and killed both in self-defense before escaping. Even though she was attacked, what hurt her most was that they had pretended to love her for years, making her unable to trust again. Even though she pretends to hate them now because of their betrayal, she still hesitates to kill Number 30 during her travel with the other Braves.



  • Fremy holds her gun on her right side but aims with her left eye.
  • If she had not been tortured and betrayed in the past, she would most likely be a very cheerful and openly caring person.
  • In episode 2 of the anime adaptation, Fremy is shown to react when Adlet uses his Kyouma attracting flute, foreshadowing her Kyouma heritage.


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