The First Journey (初めての旅, Hajimete no Tabi) is the 2nd episode of Rokka no Yuusha. It first aired on July 11, 2015.


For several days, Adlet and Nashetania got to know each other through talk and play - though there was a small instance in when Nashetania got too serious in her "play" and nearly skewered him with her swords. Upon rebuking her, Adlet found out about her mischevious nature when she pretended to be saddened and scared of his anger towards her. He was also able to see how her abilities worked, and her free-spiritedness, which exasperated him.

Nonetheless, they began to grow closer, but when a village in their path was attacked by Kyouma, Adlet and Nashetania rushed to their defense and were able to fight together briefly. However, as they were escorting villagers away, Adlet learned of a single girl who had stayed behind. Nashetania implored Adlet that their mission - to defeat the Demon God - was more important than helping one girl and being possibly killed by a Kyouma before then. Unable to do so, Adlet went on ahead of her, leaving Nashetania to defend the villagers against any remaining Kyouma.

Upon reaching the village, Adlet was surprised to find a number of Kyouma corpses, and a ball of iron as the only evidence. Then, he found a girl with white hair in black clothing, helping a dog and its young pup, setting them free.

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