The Dark Specialists (暗いの専門家 Kurai no Senmonka?) are a special group of Kyouma created and raised by Tgurneu to have unique abilities.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

The Dark Specialist members do not have names but are instead ranked by numbers.

Number Appearance Ability Status
2 can fly faster than any other Kyouma. Because of this he is Tgurneu's favorite messenger.
6 has the form of an ant Kyouma with an unnatural large stomach with human breasts attached to it, has thin limbs and both its chest and head are small sized. It's used in one of Tgurneu's experiment. It's the responsible for giving birth to Fremy Speeddraw, and one of the four Kyouma who raised her. M.I.A.[1]
9 has the form of an insect, roughly larger than that of a human. He has a rough, bony brown body supported by dozens of narrow legs. Among Tgurneu forces, 9 was regarded as the most powerful Kyouma. He can produce parasites that take over a human's body and turn them into tools he can manipulate. 9 is responsible for controling the Corpse Soldiers. Deceased
18 is a thin, snake Kyouma with a body 10 meters long with two thin arms growing out of his body about 50 centimeters from the head. 18 has the ability to summon blades, similar to that of a Saint of Blades like Nashetania. Deceased
26's body is described as a giant lizard with rock skin. He was made to accommodate a human body inside of him. 26 has the ability to separate himself into thousands of pieces that use hypnosis to render him invisible to anyone. 26 adapted his body and in this new form grew ovaries, then he separated his core and acquire the ability to produce eggs. His children don't have any organ that can proceed food or water, they're produced to die in only about a day. By using them he multiply the hidden effect can keep invisible for days. Deceased
30 has the appearance of a relatively small white lizard. 30 has the ability to camouflage himself changing his skin color. His body is a listening aparatus so his hearing is much better than human hearing. Unlike other Kyouma, he is able to think by himself, so he was chosen by Tgurneu to use his acting skills to raise Fremy to hate the Kyouma.
31 has the ability to nullify the abilities of Saints.

References[edit | edit source]

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