Chamo Rosso (チャモ・ロッソ Chamo Rosso?, called Chamot in the anime) is the Saint of Swamps[1] and is one of the Six Braves. She is said to be the most powerful warrior of the current age.[2]

Appearance[edit | edit source]


Chamo is a frail-looking girl wearing a green dress with frills, with the inside having a red and black checkered-pattern, and a matching buffoon hat. She has white shorts and red and black shoes. She is usually seen with a green foxtail in her hand. Nashetania comments that she was to become a beautiful woman in future.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Chamo is a proud girl.[3] She is also selfish, uncooperative and gets easily bored or angered. She also gets the urge to kill anything angering or bothering her. Because of Chamo's grotesque and tremendous power, she is extremely feared by her enemies (she was a priority target for Fremy), and because of her personality, she is feared as well by her comrades.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Chamo is considered to be the most powerful warrior of the current age.[2]

She received her Saint ability about seven years ago. As the Saint of Swamps[1], her power allows her to use her stomach as a swamp, creating a place for her minions to live in. She does not eat normally, and instead eats any animal or Kyouma interesting her. She then uses the components eaten to either create new Jyumas, which she calls "pets" or to alter/reinforce the pets that she has already tamed.

Her pets range from creatures as small as mice to creatures bigger than a human, who all live in her stomach, where she can freely heal and alter them. When she needs to summon them, she use her green foxtail to make herself vomit the ones that she needed. Her pets are completely loyal to her, will act of their own will to protect her even by sacrificing themselves, can regenerate in a few seconds from most lethal wounds.

Chamo has a lot of affection for her pets, and will get angry at anyone who injures them. She can summon more than 70 Jyumas at the same time. Not all of them are combat oriented, as small ones are used as reconnaissance units over and underground. Since her Jyumas are technically aquatic life forms, they are especially vulnerable to fire and extreme heat.

Chamo's power is on a completely different level than the other heroes. Among other feats of strength, Chamo participated in a tournament several years ago. She made a mistake in controlling her power and accidentally killed her opponent in the first round. Seeing Chamo's power, every singe other contestants immediately resigned from the tournament, which therefore ended with Chamo's win by default. When she's asked by Mora to help with the training of other Saints, the battle are usually organized so that Chamo has to fight alone against several strong Saints as the same time. Even under such circumstances, Chamo has to restrain her power in order to not kill her opponents.

History[edit | edit source]

Meeting the Other Braves[edit | edit source]

In their initial meeting, Chamo came to the Salt Saint's temple with Mora and Hans, the first one of their group after Nashetania's. She didn't seem as concerned as the others in regards to the barrier being raised, cutting them off from the Wailing Demon Territory, but she participated in the Seventh Flower discussion actively. Her first priority: killing Fremy, who was revealed as the Brave-Killer by Goldof. However, as there was no real proof to her being the Seventh Flower, Mora, as the head of the Saints, kept her under control.

When killing her was out of the question, Chamo continued to ask if she could torture Fremy instead, though she had no real experience and was more inclined to kill her "from inexperience". Adlet jumped to her defense, causing him to earn some measure of dislike from Chamo, but Mora again restrained her from acting out. It was no surprise then, that when the suspicion turned to Adlet, Chamo was ready to kill/torture him, siding with Hans and Goldof more out of dislike than personal distrust or certainty. After Adlet took Fremy hostage, Chamo was ready to kill both them, but Mora had to stop her once more, showing how much influence Mora had over the child.

In the aftermath of the scuffle, Chamo was assigned to guard the temple with Hans, but declined and went off to play outside instead. This allowed Adlet enough time to convince Hans that he was not the Seventh, and to journey back to the temple together to look for evidence. Upon their return, however, Chamo confronted them and revealed how disinterested she was in looking for evidence - rather, "wouldn't it be easier to kill everyone, and fight the Majin alone?" She also told them that the only person that she did not suspect, and would not kill, was Mora.

With this line of logic, Chamo stuck her foxtail in her mouth and vomited a near-lake of swamp water, which then turned into Jyumas that proceeded to attack Adlet and Hans.

The Gathering of the Braves Arc[edit | edit source]

Mora and Chamo maganes to get to their destiny point and meet Hans Humpty in the process.

Illusion Fog Barrier Arc[edit | edit source]

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 The Traitor Is Revealed[edit | edit source]

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Meeting Rolonia[edit | edit source]

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Eternal Flower Mountain Arc[edit | edit source]

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Temple Of Fate Arc[edit | edit source]

Tguneu 's True Strategy Arc [edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Mora[edit | edit source]

Chamo is under the direct supervision of Mora, who is the only hero among the seven that Chamo really trusts. She respects Mora and usually does not go against her orders. As such, Mora is the only hero who can suppress Chamo's urge to kill.

Fremy[edit | edit source]

Chamo dislikes Fremy, who not only killed one of her beloved pets in her attempt to assassinate Chamo (the pet sacrificed itself to save her), but also managed to escape alive from Chamo's wrath afterward. According to Chamo, Fremy is the only person who ever escaped safely from her. This annoys Chamo and increases her urge to kill Fremy. Fremy has been afraid of Chamo ever since that incident.

Hans[edit | edit source]

Alongside with Mora, Chamo seems to like and respect Hans. She seems to become his friend and calls him "Neko-san" (Cat-san).

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References[edit | edit source]

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