Cargikk (カーグイック Kāguikku?) is one of the Kyouma leaders along with Tgurneu and Dozzu. He commands sixty percent of the Kyouma.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Cargikk is a lion-like Kyouma with a silver mane and silver armor. He walks on two legs and can breathe fire.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cargikk seems to be the most confrontational of the three commanders as when Dozzu revealed his ideal of a "New World" Cargikk immediately became hostile and his relationship with his other former friend Tgurneu seems to be even worse in present despite Tgurneu initially trying to keep the peace between the two.

One of the reasons for these hostilities seems to be on there differing views on their subordinates as while Dozzu is capable of necessary sacrifices, Tgurneu sees those beneath him as pawns to achieve his ends and tosses them aside without a second thought especially if it is to continue there use to him. By contrast, Cargikk is known to treat the Kyouma under him as if they were his own children. Cargikk's higher moral and compassion is also something that can be deduced during the ancient times of the first sealing of the Maijin when he felt the pain of the Wailing Demon Territory.

Cargikk is known for his great dislike of humans despite his supposed friendship with Hayuha Pressio: the mere idea of Fremy Speeddraw's birth was enough to nearly instigate an altercation between his faction and Tgurneu's.

Contrasting both Dozzu and Tgurneu who have utilized complex machinations and schemes to take down the Braves, Cargikk is instead focused on staying on the defensive, a plan that was both simple and yet also one of the bigger obstacles in taking down the Majin.[1]

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

Cargikk is one of the most intelligent Kyouma being one of the commanders of the factions. Something that his implied aggressiveness may at first seem to contradict.[1]

However, his greater ability lies in his unique fire powers, not only does he breath fire but the fire that he exhales produces poisonous smoke that is quite lethal even to Kyouma.

References[edit | edit source]

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