For the Light novel series, see Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers. For the anime series, see Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers (anime).

The Braves of the Six Flowers (六花の勇者 Rokka no Yūsha?) are the six heroes chosen by the Goddess of Fate to defeat the Majin.

History1[edit | edit source]

A thousand years ago, the Majin appeared and attacked all the nations in the land. The nations tried to fight back but only the Saint of the Single Flower was able to defeat it. The Saint could only seal the Majin away temporarily so in order to defend the land she prophesied that six warriors would be chosen to fight the Majin and seal it away when it would appear again.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

In order to be chosen, warriors have to display their powers in temples, near a statue of the Goddess of Fate. If they are chosen they receive a Crest of Six Flowers somewhere on their body.

First Generation[edit | edit source]

The First Generation was chosen 300 years after the initial appearance of the Majin. During this period, Archfiend Zophrair also appeared. Pulka was mentioned to have died early on, while in the final battle Fulmer and Byrne defeated the Majin as Sunimur, Emin and Ange fought Zophrair.

Members Saint Type Status
Fulmer - Deceased
Byrne - Deceased (presumed)
Pulka Fire


Sunimur Ice Deceased (presumed)
Emin Sun Deceased (presumed)
Ange - Deceased (presumed)

Second Generation[edit | edit source]

The Second Generation was chosen 400 years after the First Generation. Roey was assassinated prior to entering the Majin's territory. Only Three Saints survived this battle, with Hayuha disappearing shortly thereafter.

Members Saint Type Status
Marie Blade Deceased (presumed)
Hayuha Pressio Time Deceased
Melania Lightning Deceased (presumed)
Badoll - Deceased
Roey Wind Deceased
Mahnyakam Salt Deceased

Third Generation[edit | edit source]

The Third Generation was chosen 300 years after the Second Generation. This generation is unique due to the introduction of two additional Braves. This caused suspicion among the Braves on who the enemy was in the party as there were possibilities of a traitor.

Members Saint Type Status
Adlet Mayer - Alive
Nashetania (former) Blade Alive
Goldof Auora - Alive
Fremy Speeddraw Gunpowder Alive
Mora Chester Mountain Alive
Chamo Rosso Swamp Alive
Hans Humpty - Alive
Rolonia Manchetta Fresh Blood Alive
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